Frequently Asked Questions:


How many photos will be taken during our session?

We do not count pictures. We will utilize your session time efficiently and capture as many portraits within that time frame that we are able.

How should we dress for our family session?

*Cool, deep colors tend to make you look more slender *Medium, dark tones of blue, tan, brown, rust, and purple are colors that are good for photographing. Select a color you know looks good on you. *Solid colors will photograph the best; however, a lightly patterned outfit will show off your personality. *The "V" neckline tends to slenderize your appearance. *Long sleeves tend to slenderize you as well as keep you from looking "cut off". *Avoid material that wrinkles easily and be aware of lightweight fabrics that may reveal under garments, etc., under photo lighting. *Iron your outfits prior to your portraits, wrinkles will show in all portraits.

What’s the best time to have a session with a newborn?

Call to schedule as soon as your baby is born! We recommend scheduling your newborn session within the first 10 days of life. We schedule newborn sessions first thing in the morning after the morning feeding and after a bath! Tummy is full and the bathtime exhausts them!

What's the best time to schedule maternity sessions?

We recommend between 32-36 weeks pregnant. When you are still comfortable, but your baby belly is prominent!

How should we do our hair for the portraits?

Please pay special attention to your hair. You hair is your responsibility and you will not like your portraits if you do not like your hair. Do not get your hair cut or colored within 2 weeks prior to your portrait session; you want it to look natural.

Will my glasses glare?

Some glasses, due to the curvature or thickness, cannot be photographed without glare. We recommend that you borrow a pair of empty frames from your optometrist to eliminate the issue. Eyeglass glare can be edited for an additional fee that will be charged to you per image. Tinted glasses, or those lenses that change with the light, will make your eyes appear dark on your photographs and are more difficult to fix.

How do I claim my deposit?

If you paid a deposit during your session, you were emailed a one-time Deposit code to be used during check out. Be sure to add the code at check out and the code is only valid for 30 days. Make sure you redeem that code within those 30 days or it will be lost.

How long do we have to order our portraits?

Private galleries are live for 30 days. You must place your order and redeem your deposit within that timeframe. Wedding galleries are live until your first anniversary. School/sports galleries are live for the entire school year. After that, your images will not be available for viewing on the website.

What is included in my session fee?

Your session fee includes our professional skill to take the portraits and the private online gallery to view and order enlargements from. Some sessions will include one high resolution digital file. Check out the portrait session listings, on this website, to see what each session includes.

Do I get all the images taken during my session?

No, not with your initial sitting fee.
You do have an option to purchase all the light corrected images taken during your session for an additional fee. Contact our studio for that cost.

Do I really only have 30 days to order portraits from my private gallery?

Correct, private galleries are only live for 30 days. You will need to order and redeem your deposit within that timeframe. You will receive a reminder email before your gallery is deleted.

Can we bring sample poses we found on Pinterest?

Yes, we encourage you to bring along at least one image/pose from Pinterest, something you have seen on the Internet, from a friend, etc., that you like and would like us to do with you. We love trying new things and new ideas.

Will my portraits be professionally edited?

When you purchase a High Resolution professionally edited file, Yes. Minor retouching is included for blemishes, moles, and facial lines. All special editing requests must be made in writing prior to placing your order. We are not responsible for any editing not made in writing when order is placed.
“Replace - a - Face”, tan line softening, stray hair removal, and eyeglass glare can be done for an additional fee per image. Any image marked with the word "extra" will incur an additional editing fee based off of the extent of editing
required to make the image. Kaitlyn can give you a quote on costs upon request.
When you purchase a thumb-drive of all the light corrected images, they will not have fine tune editing done to them. They will be edited for light, contrast, and color only.
Your online proofs do not have any professional editing done to them.

Can I order black and white images?

Any of your printed portraits can be made sepia, black and white, antiqued, etc., without cost, just specify in writing when you order. Certain special effects are available as digital files at an additional fee. Contact Kaitlyn for a quote. You can see samples of these effects sporadically throughout your online gallery.

What happens to all my photos after the galleries are deleted from the website?

All portraits we have ever taken are stored at our studio. We can still order after the 30 days, but you won't have access to view them online and you will incur a 15% upcharge on your order.

Do you offer framing?

We can help you in selecting a frame from our display after you receive your portraits to match its style, color, and size. As with any man-made material, portraits should be kept out of prolonged, direct sunlight. If framed at our studio, we guarantee their preservation for life from dust and water.

Can we have our portraits shipped? If we choose to pick up at the studio, why am I being charged $2.00 through the website?

Yes, we offer shipping with all our orders. When you place your order through the website, you can choose between 3 options: 1. $6.00 regular shipping 2. $12.00 Insured mailer 3. $2.00 Pick up at our studio. Please note: We do not guarantee delivery through the postal service. An insured delivery box can be purchased for $12 through the postal service if you choose to have them mailed (this is strongly recommended). If damage occurs, you would just need to return the damaged products (in the original packaging) and the postal service will pay to have the product replaced. We do not recommend wall portraits larger than 8x10's be shipped.

The reason we charge a $2.00 shipping fee for all "pick up orders placed through the website", is to cover the PayPal fees, CC fees, and website fees we are charged on all orders placed through the website. Instead of raising the prices of all the products, we cover the extra fees with the shipping/handling fee.

Can we change our image choices for our collages after we receive our proof?

We have some guidelines when ordering any size collage and/or digi wallet. When you place your order for images in the collage/digi wallet, your choices must be FINAL. We edit every image prior to putting together your proof. Once we
have your proof prepared, we will email it to you. You will have three days to review your proof and email us your approval or requests for changes. You may change anything with the collage, but you may not change your images. Once you approve the collage/digi wallet, you are accepting the collage/digi wallet as approved; no requests for
changes or alterations after the approval has been made.

If you would like to request a collage proof of unedited images because you are unsure of your choices, we can do that for you. Limit to one round of image changes. Must be requested when order is placed.

Can I scan the prints I purchased and make copies for my family?

No, that is actually illegal. All images created by Leer Photography are subject to current PA copyright laws. You purchased a copy of an image Leer Photography OWNS. It is illegal to scan or photograph your purchased prints. It is illegal to scan your purchased prints for use on Christmas cards,
yearbook ads, applications, graduation announcements, social media, etc. You may NOT print images from the website or Facebook.

Is there a way I can own my images so that I can make copies and use them for yearbook ads and graduation announcements?

If you wish to own your photo for use on social media, Christmas cards, Yearbook ads, digital frames, applications, and to make copies yourself, you must purchase the digital rights to that image & you will receive a copyright release. If you do not have a copyright release signed by Leer Photography, it is ILLEGAL to duplicate the images in any way.

Why is my Yearbook portrait choice final?

While taking your yearbook portraits on location at your school district, your portrait choice is final when chosen. This is because we edit the photograph to it's final form (facial editing and eye glass glare retouching included) and submit it to your yearbook staff immediately so they can meet their deadlines to get the yearbook completed in time. If you purchase package prints of a different image and would like that new purchased image submitted, we can do that for you. But a package order must be placed in order to have a resubmission.

Why can't my parents come into the school when my yearbook portrait is being taken?

Your session time at the school is a 15 minute slot shared with 2 other students. Time is limited while we are on location at the school and we value our short time together to take the best portraits possible. The school districts also limits additional people due to the space we have our studio set up in and due to clearances needed to be in the school. If your parent would like to be present during your yearbook portrait, you may schedule a private session at our studio in York Springs, prior to the school scheduled press days for an additional fee.

Do you have a question we haven't answered??

Send us an email or call the studio, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have!