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 Church Directories

Leer Photography will take care of your church directory needs. We only service local communities within a 1 hr radius of York Springs, PA. Call us today to talk about your options. Prices vary as each church is different. 717-528-7535

What To Expect:

*The quoted price is given based off of photography services, digital directory design, and additional travel expenses incurred.

*Printing of the directories is outsourced to another company of your choice, we will supply the images to the desired company.

*Leer Photography works with your directory board to create a photo day schedule based on the number of people in your church body. (sign-ups and multiple days available)

*Formal studio and backdrop will be set up on location at the church.

*All formal photos taken by Leer Photography will be available for the members to purchase at discounted package pricing.

Let's discuss how we can help you!