"Shine For Him Project"

The "Shine For Him Project" is a tool for young people to be bold with their faith and encourage their fellow youth by their own statements of faith in God.

The Project is FREE to any young person age 7-21.

-- submit your application and testimony
--be photographed
--choose your favorite picture
--choose your bible verse
--receive 48 free wallets to give out

--your photo and testimony go on the Leer Photography website for all to read for inspiration....

Leer Photography looks forward to using our God-given talents to facilitate the faith and spiritual growth of our children. Through this process, we hope to assist our youth to become stronger and more independent individuals that can be proud to share their faith with others.

This program is offered through our studio during the months of January through March. Call and schedule your indoor portrait session now and share your faith with your friends!!

God Bless!

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